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The wedding of Mr & Mrs Sims – Inn On The Lake Wedding Photography – Ullswater

It’s fair to say we get about when we cover weddings. From right here in Leeds, to Scotland, Whitby, Lytham St Anne’s, Sheffield, Doncaster, Birmingham and destination weddings in Cyprus. Wherever the work takes us, we’re happy to travel. But one place we’re always keen to visit, is The Lake District.

What’s not to love? Lakes. Mountains. Lush scenery. Rolling hillsides. More lakes. It’s a breathtaking place to get married. We’ve covered a few weddings up there. The Ryebeck & Broadoaks Country House to name a couple of stunning places. But we have to say we’ve not seen a more picturesque setting than the venue that is Inn On The Lake in Ullswater.

On one side of the venue there’s endless views of hills, mountains, trees and and country roads which seem to cut through the scenery out of nowhere. But it’s at the front of the venue is where it just blows you away with that wow factor. Acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, a pagoda where outdoor ceremonies take place and a terrace with the most amazing views, right over the lake, jetty and more hills in which the hotel is nestled. Just a stunning place for a summer wedding. Well, a wedding any time of year. It really wouldn’t matter.


How do we get to work in these beautiful places? Well, we get most of our weddings through recommendations. Being wedding photographers in Leeds, we’re very lucky our local target area is huge. It doesn’t mean that every couple local to us want to get married in Leeds. Far from it. And this brings us to our beautiful couple this blog is intended for: Mr & Mrs Sims.

Sheree & Danny had seen us work at another wedding in the past, at Rudding Park in Harrogate. Danny’s sister was the beautiful bride that day. We must have made a good impression as we were first on the list when it came to their wedding photography. The first thing we were asked was would we be prepared to travel. For us that’s not a problem, but when they told us the venue was in Ullwater, we got a little bit excited. More than a little excited. When they told us it was Inn On The Lake, well, we’d already packed our overnight cases. Jumping the gun a little as we still had no idea they would actually want to book us, but we knew the venue well and hoped they would follow through and complete the booking. The rest is history.

Their Wedding Day

During the run up to their wedding, Danny & Sheree were given some devastating news about a very close and personal friend. It’s not something we’re prepared to elaborate on as it’s very private, but suffice to say the wedding was very nearly called off. After much deliberation and quite a lot of soul searching, they made the decision to carry on and in part dedicate the day to their friend, whilst celebrating their marriage and life itself. Just as a wedding day should be celebrated.

And what a day it was….

Bridesmaids, bridesmaids, bridesmaids…

The morning of the wedding was quite calm. The weather was looking good. There were clouds but it didn’t look like rain. In fact they added to the unbelievable view at the front of the hotel where the bridal party readied themselves for the day ahead.

Sheree and her daughter sharing moments with each other as they gradually went from hair, make-up, nails, back to hair, drink and then a hunt for more glasses for the bubbly.

This is where the bridesmaids came into their own. Never without a drink. Always bouncing about the room keeping things light and fun. Some of the most relaxed bridesmaids we’ve ever seen. Nothing to do with the 3 bottles of Prosecco at all…

The morning flew by. The weather stayed true and after a quick chat with the wedding coordinator, it was decided the wedding was taking place outside. Just perfect.

We met the guys in the bar (where else?). One by one they appeared and we made our way outside for some photos before the registrars took the groom to be for his pre wedding chat. Let’s just say a few of the guys were hanging a little after a few too many beers the night before.

Perfect Day

We can go on and on in a blog, explaining every last detail. They say a picture paints a thousand words so we’ll speed things up a little here and let you see for yourselves just how amazing Mr & Mrs Sims day actually was.

Suffice to say the ceremony did indeed take place outside overlooking the lake. The weather was amazing. Sheree, her daughter and her bridesmaids looked beautiful. Sheree and Danny’s son produced the best walk down the aisle we have ever seen. We think the young man received a fair bit of money for his ‘dabbing’ moves.

The ceremony itself was lovely and really quite relaxed. The setting was perfect and there were some hilarious glances between each other and their guests. There was also lot of emotion from everyone at the wedding for various reasons, but most of all their day was celebrated as it should have been.

Tears. Laughs. Leeds United salutes. Instead of a first kiss we had a first grope (first time we’ve seen this). A groom getting ‘caught short’ during the portrait photos. Their day came to a standstill very briefly with a mark of remembrance and a minute’s silence. Very moving for everyone. But with all that said and done, it was a day to celebrate. And celebrate they did.

For us it was almost like a reunion with quite a few of the guests. Parents, friends and the odd bride and groom from weddings past. We felt part of the day rather than just being there to take the photos. It really was a cracking day. We always say it to our couples, but make sure you soak it all in. It’s gone in a flash and this was no different. The evening reception was all about the new Mr & Mrs Sims, their family and friends. For everyone who made the journey up to The Inn On The Lake, they witnessed something special.

As the first dance played out (an Oasis track no less), everyone gathered on the dancefloor to surround the newlyweds before they dropped a surprise for all their guests. Leeds United’s Marching On Together was played by the D.J. and cranked up to the max. Let’s just say we don’t think there was anyone in the room sat down at this point.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Sims. You truly had an amazing wedding in the Lake District at Inn On The Lake. Thanks for having us! What a fantastic end to an unforgettable day. See for yourself below and their Inn On The Lake wedding photography. You can visit Inn On The Lake here.

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