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A Christmas cracker at Woodlands Hotel, Leeds

Let’s get one thing straight… Blogging just isn’t our bag. The wedding world is a fast paced place to be. The idea of blogging for every wedding, on top of editing said weddings, social media output (keeping us current across every platfom is a job in itself), enquiries, pre shoots, meetings, wedding fayres, album designs etc. is just, well, daunting.

But sometimes we have to take a breather and go back to re-live weddings of a spectacular nature. These happen all the time, but when it comes to the festive season, there’s a certain buzz of further excitement (mainly from us) that we love about a wedding day. It makes it all the more special when it’s at Woodlands Hotel, Leeds. A venue on our doorstep. A beautiful place in stunning surroundings and one we know well. We’re very spoilt as wedding photographers in Leeds, having such an amazing venue sat literally a mile from where we live.

Our couple – The build up

We first met Beth and Paul at a wedding fayre at the hotel back in 2019, originally booking their wedding for December that same year. Circumstances and career paths put their wedding on hold as they chose to travel the world doing what they love to do (together we might add). With 2020 and half of 2021 being a write off, planning a wedding was the last thing on their (and for most couples) minds.

Skip forward almost 3 years from first meeting our lovely couple and they were finally ready to start planning and really commit to their big day. It was 2022 when we were contacted again. They chose the same day, same month, just 4 years later. That day was 22nd December 2023. And what a day it turned out to be.

Mr & Mrs Evans – One amazing day

With all those years of thought, postponing, planning and re-planning, Beth & Paul just knew how they wanted their day to be. It was, in essence, a huge party with a high tempo, super stylish vibe. Set with a Christmas theme, the details put into every part of the day was quite frankly, unbelievable.

Content creator. Videographers. Singing Waiters. Singing bride. Dancing groom. An actual Father Christmas with gifts. Magician. Band. 360 degree photo booth. String quartet. Harpist. Singers before, during and after the ceremony (We’ll never forget the rendition of ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’, sung by Beth’s brother, it had everyone in tears). You name it, they had it. The flowers were Christmas themed, the hotel’s orangery was decorated with touches of the festive season everywhere we looked.

Beth & Paul took the day in their strides. Neither flustered or overwhelmed. Just excited and happy, with the closest of family and friends there to share the day with, all of whom helped make it what it was. Beth looked stunning in her wedding dress, along with her beautiful bridesmaids dressed in rich green colours. Paul and his posse looked dapper in their dinner suits & bow ties, owning the look like movie stars. The weather was terrible for most of the day, not that it mattered and not that shocking to anyone living in the UK, especially at winter time. The one thing we didn’t get was snow, but that’s something we just can’t order now is it?

It was a truly memorable day for all the right reasons, one which we will look back on knowing we captured a day which was very special with a fantastic couple. A wedding which took a long time in planning but it was without doubt worth the wait. The evening reception was more like scenes from a 90’s nightclub – the first dance took an unexpected twist and the party really started with a bang.

Here we go…

This is just a snapshot of their day. Weddings truly are magical. When anyone asks us what we do for a living, these photos are exactly why we love doing what we do. Take a look and see for yourselves. Woodlands Hotel, the perfect backdrop for such a beautiful occasion.

Thank you

So, Mr & Mrs Evans. Thank you. We are truly humbled to have been a part of your day back in December. You were epic in every sense of the word. Your energy and zest for life showed throughout the day and you certainly know how to put on a wedding. Even if it took 4 years to get there. You did it. And what a day it was.

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