Yes, we’re excited. It’s the first blog on our new website. The new face of SKL Photography – Wedding Photography Leeds.

We’ve waited. And waited. And waited…. It’s been a year since this idea came to us that we needed to move our brand forward in an ever changing wedding photography world. In that year we’ve managed to have another child to add to our expanding family, which seemed to put a halt to creative ideas for a while. But focus was needed. Our old site was just not cutting the mustard. It was just sitting there as a client gallery, nothing more. We needed to push ourselves to the standard we come to expect of ourselves these days. A new brand, website (well, 2 websites – but we’ll come to that later) and some beautiful luxury brochures certainly bring us back to where we need to be.

To cut a long story short, we stumbled through the first part of 2018 when it came to ideas for this website. It was daunting knowing we had to make big changes and with another busy summer, which included the due date of our new born – we struggled to find time to concentrate. Our first wedding came in February at Oulton Hall. A wedding which gave us our first ever radio advertisement. The wedding itself was won by our bride & groom, Mr & Mrs Fennelly, through Local radio station Radio Aire and it’s Cash For Kid’s charity competition. They raised an incredible amount of money which topped £50,000 between 5 finalists. They ended up worthy winners and we were honoured to be a part of it. The money going to local children living in poverty.

Before the start of another busy summer, we had our first trip to Cyprus for a destination wedding in the sun. This was right after we’d had one of the coldest winters we’ve had in years. We never thought we’d see the sun again so to get the opportunity to jet off to Paphos for a wedding at Olympic Lagoon Resort was too good to turn down. Except only one of us could go, the other half of SKL Photography having to stay at home because she was not far off the end of her pregnancy. The words ‘wedding photography Leeds’ has many benefits, as does ‘Yorkshire wedding photography’ – our main catchment areas, but having ‘destination wedding photography’  broadens our horizons to another level.

Our wedding season had only just begun really and still our new site was nowhere near. And then our daughter made an appearance. We had 6 weeks off weddings in what is normally one of our busiest spells in the wedding photography calendar. It was a planned 6 weeks off. We knew when our newborn was supposed to arrive, so we stopped taking bookings for that time and she was 10 days late. That hurt, but the World Cup (landing perfectly), some amazing British summer weather and of course our baby girl softened the blow.

Anyway we were soon back in the swing of things and our wedding season went up a gear, taking us all over the place in the UK, including a wedding in Ullswater, The Lake District at The Inn On The Lake. What a stunning place to get married! We’ve seen some venues in our time, but the location for that wedding was just breathtaking. That’s not to say we don’t get beautiful settings closer to home, because of course we do. One of our favourite venues, one we’re proudly suppliers to, Woodlands Hotel, has some amazing landscaped gardens and a fantastic terrace. We seem to spend a lot of our time there over the summer months and we love the place. At the end of September our website was still in basic form and our web designer Darren at Hamblett Consultancy was twiddling his thumbs, waiting for us to get creative with our own vision of where it should be.

With family life settling down into some sort of normality (anyone with kids will know this is almost impossible), it was time to sit and take stock. To focus on getting everything back on track so our entire brand matched that of the photos we’re taking today. It might have taken a year to get this website right, but in reality it’s been 10 years in the making. From a very basic website built by a family member in 2008, our last one (which we loved when it was launched 6 years ago) to now, we’ve changed. Our photos have evolved. And now our brand has progressed. With our second site, built purely for client galleries, called SKL Photography Memories almost ready, it’s been one hell of a journey.

Thanks for reading though the first blog post on our new site. We hope you love the new look and that you’re as excited as us to see how SKL Photography Memories works along side our main site. The branding carries through to the second site so we can’t wait to get that live too.

SKL Photography – Wedding photography Leeds, wedding photography Yorkshire, wedding photography UK and now destination wedding photography. Don’t forget you can continue to follow our journey on Facebook. Even better…. If you still need a wedding photographer and think we might fit the bill, you can always contact us directly.

All the best, Simon & Rebecca!

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