Pet Photography Leeds

Pet Photography

Pet Photography Leeds One of our studio pet photography sessions.


Pet Photography Leeds

Is your pet your best friend, or your children’s partner in crime? Whatever bond you have with your pet, make sure it’s one never to be forgotten with a pet photography session. As with our portraits, we work using studio equipment or out on location for that extra bit of fun and freedom.

We love animals and have worked closely with them for years. Our very own Dalmatian has been our model/companion/best friend for 8 years and counting. We particularly love working with dogs,  capturing pictures of the affection shared by them and their owners. Some of our work has appeared on the websites of Kennel Club award winning breeders.

Although we use a studio, there’s nothing to stop us venturing outdoors with our pet photography, it’s where they shine the most. This is dependent on conditions, location and temperament of your beloved four legged friend. There is nothing better than capturing your extended family member out creating mischief. The cheeky nature of your pet captured in all it’s glory. One thing is for certain, we never get any two the same. Always unpredictable. Always fun.

If you want to book in a pet photography session within the Leeds area, please contact us with your pet’s details, behavioral pattern and cheeky traits and we will book you in.

Do take a look at our pets gallery to see what we can do for you.

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