A Saltmarshe Hall Wedding

Mr & Mrs Saleh – A Saltmarshe Hall Wedding

Mr & Mrs Saleh – A Saltmarshe Hall Wedding

Romance at Saltmarshe Hall

Congratulations to Paul & Lucy Saleh who were married at the beautiful stately home of Saltmarshe Hall on Saturday the 20th June.

Saltmarshe Hall

It was one amazing backdrop for what was a very atmospheric wedding. Full of romance as early summer was still finding it’s feet. The weather didn’t look like it wanted to play it’s part, but everything else was in full bloom with lush gardens, flowers and the river Ouse slowly passing with it’s sweeping bends at the back of the main house. An absolutely stunning place.

We arrived early in the day to get our bearings of Saltmarshe Hall with it’s large gardens, hidden gems and what looked like an orchard. There was even a covered outdoor pool. It was warm, but very overcast. Rain was on the horizon but we knew it wouldn’t last or spoil what was a beautiful day.


We got to the brides room where there was an inherent calm. The bridesmaids were quiet. The bride was quiet. The whole place was quiet. Everyone going about their business in a way where there was not a sign of panic…. Until we asked “Nervous?”. “Yes” was the answer and everything made sense. Even the bridesmaids were nervous.Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photos 5



Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photos 4Saltmarshe Hall Wedding


We drifted about from room to room trying to soak up the intense atmosphere as it was certainly something we’ve not had before. Saltmarshe Hall was in for a wedding to remember that’s for sure and everything was perfectly poised for an emotional day.Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photography


Boys will be boys

Before long we had left Lucy to collect her thoughts with her mum and we were met by the lads outside where it had just begun to drizzle.

Nothing was going to lower their spirits and they were up for anything. A massive thank you to the best men (yes two of them)  and ushers for all their help in carrying some of our lighting during the day. Another shout to Lucy’s cousin who also helped with our gear early on.Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photos

Paul was probably just as nervous as Lucy but he had his pals around him and Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photos 7they just kept him laughing. His brother pulling an exceptional pose while jumping but we’ll leave that for the gallery.

The Ceremony

After what seemed like only a few minutes we were back inside with Lucy who was now in her beautiful dress and ready to become Mrs Saleh. Her mum was on hand pretty much all day and this was no exception.

We captured a few lovely moments with Lucy as she prepared herself fSaltmarshe Hall Wedding Photos 8or her final steps as a single woman, before the bridesmaids and her dad were invited in to see her for the first time in her dress. A few tears were shown by the bridesmaids but this time dad kept it together.

We left the bridal party upstairs as we made our way into the ceremony room where Paul awaited and his mum was an emotional wreck. Even the grandparents were showing signs of emotion.

Before long everyone was asked to stand as first the bridesmaids, then Lucy and her dad made their entrance. We caught it all as Paul couldn’t wait until his beautiful bride was at his side, instead choosing to look back and let out a huge smile as well as a few tears.

The ceremony was over in a flash. Unfortunately we were told not to photograph any part of the ceremony itself so couldn’t capture the grandparents tears of joy but believe us, we saw it. Highlight of it all though was Paul’s quick answer to a question still being asked by the registrar. It had everyone laughing.

The Party

Once the formal photos were out of the way it was off for a brief few minutes with the new Mr & Mrs Saleh for some photos on their own. Yet again the weather had other ideas but we made the most of it and had a stroll around the gardens away from the guests. The romance flooding right back in just as much as the rain.Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photos 9

The day was flying by and before we knew it everyone was inside aSaltmarshe Hall Wedding Photographynd sat ready for the wedding breakfast, which is where the day really started to turn up a notch. The speeches were about 45 minutes long, Lucy’s dad going first, then Paul. Paul mimicking Lucy’s voice to huge laughs. After Paul came his two best men. One reliable, the other not so Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photos 11reliable (his words, not ours…) but they were both hilarious. Off the cuff at times and with the reactions of some guests, the stories were both true and well executed.

We managed to sneak outside for some more photos before the evening do kicked in as the weather had settled and we actually got some beautiful skies. We used the river Ouse as a stunning background and then made our way back to the front of the house.Saltmarshe Hall Wedding Photography

By this time the party had doubled in size, people turning up every few seconds and all of a sudden the place looked tiny. Inside there were the DJ’s, Elite Sound, in one room and a party band going off in another.

Mr & Mrs Saleh were introduced to the dance floor in front of their waiting guests and they looked every bit the happy couple as they danced together on the starlit floor. It was the beginning of the evening and one which will have gone on into the early hours.

Congratulations to you both. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Photos coming soon.

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