Mr & Mrs Rayner- St Josephs Church & Holdsworth House

Mr & Mrs Rayner – St Josephs Church & Holdsworth House Wedding

Mr & Mrs Rayner – St Josephs Church & Holdsworth House Wedding

Romance At Holdsworth House

Congratulations to Mark & Gemma Rayner who were married on Friday the 17th of July at St Joseph’s Church in Aspley, Huddersfield, followed by a reception at the wonderful Holdsworth House in Halifax.

Whenever we blog about weddings we always rant on about the weather, well for the lovely Gemma & Mark we had absolutely nothing to complain about. It was actually nice! We knew the afternoon would be beautiful over at Holdsworth house with the sun shining. It has more than a touch of romance with it’s Tudor style and quaint, well detailed gardens.

Anyone home?

We arrived at Gemma’s mums house at 10 am, knocked on the door and got no answer. This was not the best start for us and we were put into panic mode thinking we were at the wrong place. We knew Gemma was having her hair & make up done at a local salon before our arrival but it still concerned us there were no signs of a bridal party, 2 hours before the ceremony. Our fears were soon washed away with the arrival of the bride to be and her sister, who were running ‘ a little late….’

Nothing seemed to phase them though and they went about their day like it was just an uneventful one (we say ‘they’ but that was really meant to say Gemma). We were only there to capture the details really, as the rest of the bridal party arrived back home, all pretty much ready. The only thing that was left to do was for Gemma and her bridesmaids to put on their dresses. That was it for us. Morning over. Time to head over to the church to meet Mark and his groomsmen.

The guys

Mark was another one who took things in his stride. Looking great in his suit along with his two boys (Mark being the proud dad looking on as they both scrubbed up just as well) best man and ushers. They were all quite relaxed, if not a little excited for the reception and the copious amount of drinks which were to follow.

We squeezed in a few photos of them all together before Gemma’s arrival, but the timings of this wedding were quite tight so we didn’t have long. We did manage to get some daft photos of them all larking about as the relaxed nature of the day was very much apparent.

The service

The church was small but very welcoming. Family and friends filled the place, eager to set their eyes on the beautiful bride to be. Mark made his way to the front of the church and everything was set.

Gemma arrived shortly after 12pm in the beautiful wedding car which was in keeping with the romantic feel of Holdsworth House. She looked stunning and very happy. Her dad sat at the side of her holding her hand.

Back inside the church every guest was on their feet ready for her entrance and sure enough she made her way down the aisle to stand at the side of her husband to be. There were to be no tears at this wedding as both Mark & Gemma were cool, calm and collected. We were quite surprised as we thought the soon-to-be Mrs Rayner would crumble, but it wasn’t to be.

The service was lovely from start to finish, the priest keeping us on our toes, moving around the alter like it was a stage, standing to the side, in front of and behind the happy couple on many occasions making it hard to pick them out on their own at any single point. Luckily one of us took residence in the gallery at the back of the church so we had our angles covered.

Within an hour Mark and Gemma were stood as Mr &Mrs Rayner at the front of the church and it was time to move on to the reception with a good half an hours drives to Holdsworth House. Traffic during lunch time through Halifax not the best but everyone made it back in time for the drinks & canopes on arrival.Holdsworth House Wedding Photography 3


As we have said above, Holdsworth House has a setting unlike no other. The whole style of the place just oozes romance. It’s not the biggest of venues but from it’s Tudor exterior, to the small low beamed ceilings and it’s beautifully Holdsworth House Wedding Photography 4kept gardens, it’s quite a place. The perfect setting for a summer wedding.Holdsworth House Wedding Photography 5Holdsworth House Wedding Photography 8

As we rounded up guests to get a few group photos, we ended up with a missing bride only to find out her wedding dress was the cause for concern due to a spilled drink. When she arrived back in the garden, all was well and luckily her dress was as perfect as before. To add to the atmosphere there was a singer playing to guests at the entrance to the house which was a lovely touch.

Due to the fact that we arrived back at the venue later than planned because to traffic, we cut short the photos so they could enjoy their wedding breakfast with family and friends without meals being ruined.

Right on queue people were called inside ready for the start of the reception and happy couple’s entrance into the room.

Did we say romance???

This was another wedding where the speeches came before the meal and they were all great. I think Mark took the brunt of the jokes but he sat there, soaked them up and was happy to take it all in his stride.Holdsworth House Wedding Photography 7

The wedding breakfast seemed to last quite a while as we sat in the bar waiting for our opportunity to get Mr & Mrs Rayner on their own outside to enjoy the remainder of the sun in the beautiful surroundings.

It was the first time a bride and groom actually came looking for us, but that they did and we took a leisurely stroll around the place making full use of the gardens. As  romantic an ending to their day as we could have imagined as the sun began to set.Holdsworth House Wedding Photography 9

A couple of things of note. One, the funny scene of a group of guys being led to dance by a videographer. Very, very funny to watch. Two, the hen party re-enactment of some moves while on Gemma’s hen do. Again, very funny and the moves, well, we’ve no idea what they were.

One last hurrah!

After fun and games on the lawn it was back inside for Mr & Mrs Rayner to greet evening guests as the party size swelled to a huge scale. The function room now  very much the scene of a disco with the exception of the solo singer who was about to end his set so the evening DJ could liven the place up a notch.

The DJ took over and he announced the first dance to huge cheers where both Mark & Gemma took centre staHoldsworth House Wedding Photography 10ge once again. This marked the start of the party where at long last they could let their hair down and enjoy what was going to be a messy night.

Congratulations to you both. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Photos coming soon.

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