Mr & Mrs Clarke - St Oswalds Church & Oulton Hall Wedding

Mr & Mrs Clarke – St Oswalds Church & Oulton Hall Wedding

Mr & Mrs Clarke – St Oswalds Church & Oulton Hall Wedding

A Beautiful St Oswalds Church & Oulton Hall Wedding


Massive congratulations to Carl & Louise Clarke who were married on Saturday the 4th of July at St Oswalds Church followed by an amazing reception at Oulton Hall.

As ever during the months of summer in the UK, we arrived at Oulton Hall for the getting ready stages under a cloud of rain. The forecast was for some summer sun later that day, so we were hoping that the backdrop for their reception would be bathed in glorious sunshine to add to the feel of the place. For once the forecasters were right…

Luck Of The Irish…

This wedding was quite special to us, every wedding is, but Louise has been a lifelong family friend and it was a privilege to have been asked to photograph it. We arrived in the middle of the hair and mOulton Hall Wedding Photography 2ake up being applied to her and the bridesmaids. Louise quite content to wander about in her ‘Bride’ bathrobe and comfy slippers while we re-arranged the furniture and her stunning dress, which was hung up in the bathroom.

Louise’s bridesmaids were very calm. One very quiet, one not so quiet… Let’s just say the loud one was born in Yorkshire but spoke in a strange accent, not unlike the Irish family background the groom to be was born into. Not quite Irish, but nothing like the Yorkshire accent we’re used to. We traded a fair bit of banter, but it did remind us that a lot of the guests were Irish as Carl and his family are from Ireland and they know how to party, right? Well they certaOulton Hall Wedding Photography 3inly brought some luck with them as by the time Louise was ready, the sun was beginning to finally shine.

The day was flying by and within what seemed like only a few minutes, the future Mrs Penman Clarke was ready. The ceremony was a very early 11am, so after a few quick photos of her on her own in her dress and with dad, Ian, it was off to meet Carl outside the church.

St Oswalds

We didn’t get very long with Carl, his best man and usher for photos as time had just vanished. We decided to get these later on back at Oulton Hall during the reception. What we did do though is soak up the lovely little setting of St Oswalds Church. Sat in a quaint little place called Methley and surrounded by  what looked like an orchard, it was perfect for them after Oulton Parish Church, their initial choice, was spoilt by vandals and was shut for a referb.

Nerves were abundant in Carl, who kept appearing from no where and disappearing back inside out of view. Fortunately one of the guests pinned him down just as Louise arrived… 10 minutes early!

The Service

We made our way inside to get ready for her entrance and everything was set for a beautiful wedding. Sure enough and slightly ahead of time (eager were you Louise??) she made her way inside and dOulton Hall Wedding Photography 4own the aisle, clutching her proud dad’s arm.  Carl looked both nervous and excited at the same time. The whole place was full of emotion from both family and friends. It was lovely to watch and Louise’s first glance at Carl was beautiful.

The service lasted about an hour  and included a couple of readings Oulton Hall Wedding Photography 5from guests. One was so professional we thought he did it for a living! It was a lovely service from the vicar who really highlighted the importance of family and before long Louise and Carl were Mr & Mrs Clarke, uniting both English & Irish families together.

After the formalities of the confetti pics outside the church it was back to Oulton Hall for the start of the celebrations and their reception.Oulton Hall Wedding Photography 6

Oulton Hall

We arrived back at Oulton Hall with a good 3 hours Oulton Hall Wedding Photography 7before the wedding breakfast was due to commence. This is something we rarely get at weddings so we were able to capture some nice moments with guests as they sat outside enjoying the summer sun (yes, it was still out – in fact it was red hot).Oulton Hall Wedding Photography 8

It was harder to round everyone up for the group photos as the beers were flowing with a relaxed feel, but managed it with time to spare before taking Mr & Mrs Clarke off on their own for a while. The gardens and grounds of Oulton Hall are fantastic, you could really get lost if you wondered far with it’s views over the sprawling golf course and beyond. It’s a beautiful place.

Ok, Back to Mr & Mrs Clarke. Let’s just say Mr Clarke was more intent on mingling with family & friends, some of which he’d not seen for a while, so it was agreed that we would come out again for some more photos later. The bonus of a long summer day!

Emotional Speeches

Even though it’s tradition for speeches to be done after a wedding breakfast, Louise & Carl had decided theirs were to precede it. There are a lot of nerves and sometimes quite a few tears during speeches and this one was no different.

Being a close friend of Louise’s we knew what was coming and what was said was very touching and personal by both her husband and her dad. These were speeches where we had to stop taking photos as we got caught up in it all. Knowing Louise’s dad Ian and the proud man he is, made it harder to watch but at the same time it was nice to see everyone together in support of each other.

As this was a day for celebration, the best man brought the attention back on to the happy couple (more specifically Carl) and ended everything on a high with the room now full of cheers and laughter. We caught some good moments with guests reacting to what was being said.

Sleepy Grooms…

By the time the wedding breakfast was finished, the day was nearly at an end but that only meant the party was about to start. Day guests were changed for the night and more friends invited to the evening reception were coming through the doors all in anticipation and ready for it to get going… with the exception of a missing groom who decided it was time for the worlds longest afternoon nap.Oulton Hall Wedding Photography 10

Once Mr Clarke finally made his appearance we took the opportunity to capture a few more photos of the newlyweds as the sun was setting which added more romance to the day. We strolled across the now empty golf course with its panoramicOulton Hall Wedding Photography 9 views and it made for a perfect backdrop.

All that was left was the first dance which signaled the start of the evening where a poker table and photo booth were in full swing.

Before Carl could show his beautiful new wife what moves he had on the dance floor it was for dad to lead the way with a dance with his daughter on his own. Another touching moment for a beautiful wedding.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Clarke. May we wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Photos coming soon.Oulton Hall Wedding Photography 11

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