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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tevendale!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tevendale!

Huge congratulations go out to Mr Adam Tevendale and Mrs Claire Tevendale (formerly Haythorne), who were married on Saturday the 1st of June at St Mary’s Church, Whiston. A reception followed at the Phoenix Sports and Social Club in Brinsworth, Rotherham.Leeds Wedding Photography

For once it was a beautiful day to wake up to, the week leading up to it was a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. Cooler weather followed by the usual wet stuff for most of it. But not on Saturday. There were beautiful blue skies and the temperature had climbed a few degrees.

We met Claire in the hairdressers at 8.30am where spirits were high. Mum, chief bridesmaid and another 2 bridesmaids were all there, excited for the day ahead. We were only there briefly before it was back to mums to wait for the beautician and for the rest of the getting ready photos.

While we were there (mum Julie providing bacon sandwiches), a lot of the family seemed to descend upon the house with dad trying to keep out of the way for most of it. The family home was now a hive of activity, with what must have been at least 15 people in there! It was chaos – not least when the living room curtain pole collapsed under the weight of the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses (sorry mum and dad Haythorne! – the lengths we go to get good photos). I’m still blaming the wife…

The morning flew by and before long the bride to be was putting on her dress. The once jokey, calm atmosphere turned quite emotional. Bridesmaids crying, bride to be crying, dad crying, mum… tucking into the fizz! Claire’s dad, having not seen his daughter in her stunning wedding dress before, eagerly waited outside as she readied herself in the house.

We were there for only a few minutes and with a small knock on the door she stepped out into the arms of her dad, who took a deep breath before hugging his daughter tightly. She looked stunning. The gorgeous bridesmaids soon followed her into the garden, where they got in on the act and began crying again too. Very emotional stuff.

With a few bridal party photos completed and the tears wiped away, we were soon off to meet Adam and his groomsmen in the grounds of the very picturesque church…. That was meant to say we were supposed to be meeting Adam and his groomsmen, but they were at the local pub soaking up a bit of Dutch courage for the speeches!

They were only a few minutes behind and we managed to get some photos in before the vicar whisked Adam inside to go through the formalities. Adam looking dapper in his grey suit, purple cravat and wearing his grandfathers cufflinks. We love the ‘Reservoir Dog’s’ style pics of the lads and they didn’t disappoint.

Adam had only just made it into the church and the eager bride to be was making her appearance, sat at the side of her emotional dad in the amazing wedding car. This set Claire off again as she struggled to keep her emotions under control, but this made for some beautifully touching photos.

Back inside the church we managed a last shot of Adam before the future Mrs Tevendale arrived in the doorway, ready to make her entrance. Although the vicar told us that we were not allowed to take photos at any point in the service, we did capture some of the atmosphere as she made her way to the front to greet her husband to be. Unfortunately at this point we were surrounded by some of the vicar’s ‘heavy mob’ and were told to put our cameras away!  It was a shame for us as we love to capture the special moments, especially as this was as emotional as they come, with very touching words and tears from all parties. Adam too, struggling with his words at some points during the service.

The service was about 40 minutes long but seemed to last only 15, where Mr Adam Tevendale and Miss Claire Haythorne had now become Mr & Mrs Tevendale. We could see everything from where we were and let’s just say Adam was very pleased to have finally married the woman of his dreams. Nice reaction there Adam!

Once outside it was on to the formal photos outside the church which were over and done with in a flash. We were then able to move freely around the guests taking candid photos of everyone in great spirits before they made their way to the sports club for a well deserved drink (or 10).

By 3.15pm we were all back at the Phoenix for the wedding reception. Adam’s best men doing a great job rounding up the rest of the thirsty groomsmen and very happy bridesmaids for some more informal pictures. The day was still a beautiful one and the golf course made for a great backdrop for the photos. We had a bit of fun too…  the lads knew how to play up in front of the camera, put it that way! (That’s not to say the ladies didn’t either but wait until you see the lads ‘jumping’ photo, it’s very funny).

With only 15 minutes to go before the wedding breakfast we took some lovely individual photos of the happy couple on their own, the first time on their own as Mr & Mrs, which is always a nice time to capture some romantic pictures.

Now, onto the speeches… Well, where do I start? How much more emotional could it get? VERY! Everyone in the room crying from Claire’s dad, her brother, Adam, Adam’s brother (one of the best men) struggling during his speech and best friend Dan (the other best man) struggling with his. These were very touching speeches for all the right reasons and we captured some great moments.

Before long we were nearing the evening reception where more guests appeared to help the happy couple celebrate and to congratulate them on becoming Mr & Mrs Tevendale. The sports club now very, very busy and extremely warm inside. The function room now being turned into somewhere everyone could dance into the early hours with the introduction of a band, who were setting up on the stage.

Both Adam & Claire made their way to the dance-floor for their first dance, which was surrounded by lots of their family and friends, eager to look on and watch. It was a fitting end to a beautiful wedding, with glorious sunshine and lovely people. After only a few minutes guests were up joining them while the band took over for the night, singing covers of classic songs.

We did manage to get the loving couple outside for a few last photos as their day drew to an end. The sun setting in the distance as the sky darkened. They were lovely final photos of them both. As we left they were sat together on a bench hugging. What a romantic end to the biggest day of their lives.

Many congratulations to you both again. We wish you a very long and happy life together.

Photos coming soon!

SKL Photography & second photographer for the day, the excellent and hard working Richard of Richard Howes Photography

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