Mr & Mrs Taylor - Pudsey Parish & Mercure Leeds Parkway

Mr & Mrs Taylor – Pudsey Parish Church & Mercure Leeds Parkway

Mr & Mrs Taylor – Pudsey Parish Church & Mercure Leeds Parkway

A Beautiful Wedding at Pudsey Parish Church & Mercure Leeds Parkway

Congratulations to Ben & Katy Taylor who were married at Pudsey Parish Church followed by a reception at The Mercure Leeds Parkway, Otley Road, Leeds on Saturday the 28th March.

Having met much of the family before, including the bridesmaids, this was another wedding where we knew it would be a laugh before it even started. Everyone in the house during the bridal preps either being an out and out poser or ducking for cover. This included one of the family dogs, an old timer who didn’t really like me very much. Poor little thing looked scared to death while we went about our work.

It wasn’t long before the beautiful bride, Katy, made her entrance downstairs in front of dad, Stuart, where we caught some lovely moments. The bridesmaids getting emotional as well as excited.

We headed off to the church where groom, Ben, was waiting, reminding us we were 15 minutes late…With the extra bridal photos we took you’ll be glad we were my friend. We still managed a good 15 minutes with the groom, best man and ushers before they were whisked inside ready for Katys’ big entrance.

Sure enough she arrived on time. The weather wasn’t playing ball during the morning and as she stepped out of the car with her dad, it wasn’t relenting. It was raining, cold and windy, but did that stop her entrance being amazing.

After an emotional service we managed a few confetti photos outside the church before everyone made their way to the hotel for the reception. With the weather still not going to script we decided to try our luck at the venue for any group pics. It was a well executed plan!Pudsey Parish Church

Blue skies greeted us at the Parkway and although cold, we got the photos we wanted and you’d never know looking at them it was a blustery day. Well done Mr & Mrs Taylor for braving the elements.

After the wedding breakfast and speeches in the ballroom we were asked to head to the bar while the room was transformed. What a transformation it was, with the drapes on the ceiling lit by well placed mood lighting, which made it look like a completely different room. Super stuff.Mercure Leeds Parkway Wedding Photography

This was another wedding where evening guests poured through the doors and the room was packed, ready for the couple’s first dance. This was a memorable first dance as well due in part to the amazing voice of the talented singer who sang The Proclaimers ‘500 miles’ like I’ve never heard. Brilliant.

A fitting end to a beautiful day. Congratulations to you both once again.

Photos coming soon.

SKL Photography

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