Congratulations Mr & Mrs O'Leary

Congratulations Mr & Mrs O’Leary

Congratulations Mr & Mrs O’Leary

Congratulations to Karen and Dennis who were married on Sunday the 29th of June at the beautiful Woodlands Hotel in Leeds. A very special day for both of them for obvious reasons and also because it was also Dennis’ birthday. Leeds Wedding Photography

The lovely bride Karen, chose to get ready at home and arrived at the Woodlands just after 12 to finish her off her preparations in the bridal suite. She had her sister Gillian (who was giving her away) and bridesmaids Louise, Lauren, Linda and Kirsty with her. Karen was very giddy to say the least! She kept getting told off by the bridesmaids for peeking out of the window to catch a glimpse of Dennis! That’s a first for us. Usually brides are concerned about bad luck. Luckily she was shooed away by her more superstitious relatives so no chance of that!

We captured the details and final preparations before meeting Dennis and his buddies downstairs in the grounds for some smart pictures. We have to say, they all scrubbed up well. The best man and ushers  joked with Dennis when he sat down on the step (Dennis is just a few years older than his friends) and they asked if he needed help getting up! Dennis seemed to laugh along though. The sunshine kept popping out and the day turned quite pleasant compared to the rainy Saturday just the day before. The English weather decided to be kind on this occasion thankfully.

Once we had a few shots of the dashing groom and groomsmen, we headed back up to Karen who was now fully dressed in her elegant dress. Best friend and maid of honour Anne Marie was on hand and doing her job very well. We got some photos of the ladies all ready looking glam and before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony to begin.

Dennis was waiting patiently in the room overlooking the lovely grounds with the rest of the wedding party. Karen followed after her bridesmaids all walked in single file. Dennis and Karen exchanged loving looks before the registrar performed the nuptials. They exchanged vows, rings and definitely more than one kiss! They signed the register and then were urged to walk back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs O’Leary.

The weather was very pleasant at that point of the day so the reception drinks were served outside along with some lovely live acoustic music from Jill Ryder.  The couple mingled for a few minutes before we got everyone into the posing spirit for some group pictures. We had a ‘wanderer’ though, who decided it was the perfect moment to check into his room, go to the bar and the toilet! There’s always one… tut tut. Joking aside he returned to cheers and we continued.

We then took Mr and Mrs O’Leary off for a few romantic pictures on their own. They posed away and chose this moment to show off Karens lovely gift – a bracelet that spelled out ‘Mrs O’Leary’. It wasn’t long before they were asked to go in to the marquee to check the room prior to the guests entering. The room was beautifully decorated for their wedding and it would have been rude not to capture it in all it’s glory. We also noticed a display of balloons around the Grooms seat – which is the first we learnt of Dennis’ birthday.

The guests were then invited to take their seats and Mr & Mrs O’Leary made their grand entrance. They chose the kinder option of doing the speeches first. Karens sister having gave her away, went first. She seemed very pleased with her sisters choice of husband and had even wrote a touching poem about their relationship leading up to the proposal. Next up was Dennis. He shared with everyone a story of internet dating and how his and Karens daughters had bullied them both in to it but how they were so grateful.

He thought he had finished but was then urged to hand out the gifts. Still speaking on the microphone whilst doing this he did crack a funny joke about ‘feeling like he was on Jeremy Kyle’ then ‘the DNA results are in!’ It made us chuckle anyway! With his duties done it was time for the best man Matty to speak. Being a bit younger than Dennis there were a few jokes about his age yet again… poor Dennis.  He mentioned Dennis’ love for Leeds United and their adventures following the team home and away. He also joked that Dennis had said if he did a god job he could do the his next wedding!  The guests seed to enjoy the speeches and toasted away. We left the party to have their wedding breakfast for a while after the speech reactions had been captured. When we returned the room had been transformed. There were a few people already willing to have a boogie on the dance floor. Karen and Dennis cut the cake officially, which was a lovely cake showing the story of their relationship. they then had their first dance to ‘Have I told you lately’ by Rod Stewart. They both were happy to grab some air following that to have a few more pictures at the front on the hotel. Although after a few they were keen to get back in to have another dance now they had got a taste for it!

We wish you all the happiness in the world.

The couple are currently on their honeymoon in Ireland.

Pictures to follow soon.

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