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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lucas

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lucas

Congratulations to Danielle and Martin who were married at the prestigious and beautiful 5* Oulton Hall hotel on Friday the 4th of October.Oulton Hall Wedding

This wedding was a very early start for all those involved! This was due to the
couple booking the venue before booking the registrar….oops!!

The weather was mild for October although it did rain a little in the morning.
It is supposed to be lucky…honest! We spent an hour or so with Danielle the
lovely bride to be, her two adult bridesmaids (Lianne and Steph) and her mum. Danielle had told us that if we got a natural smile from her mum then we would get a hefty tip…we might have just managed it Danielle but we’ll let you be the judge!

We busied ourselves getting detail pictures as the third young bridesmaid and
flower girl arrived. Professionals worked on the ladies (and girls) make up and
hair. The entire wedding was at Oulton Hall so whilst the females continued to
make themselves look even prettier, we went down to the front of the hotel to
get some pictures of Martin arriving. Martin is a huge ‘Only Fools and Horses’
fan so as a surprise, Danielle had booked him the famous yellow three wheeler
‘Trotters Independent Traders’ van. He was as pleased as punch and obviously
Danielle wanted some pictures of Martin with the van. Look out for these – the
pictures are hilarious. Fans of the series will recognise that Martin got
dressed up in classic Del Boy attire and there was even a blow up doll in the
back window (from possibly the funniest episode of Only Fools in our opinion).

Best man and brother of the groom Mark was quick to admit the nerves were
setting in for his speech. He still posed away for the photo’s composing
himself very well. Martin’s mum and Dad were looking very proud. We got a few
pictures of them with the happy groom.

After a few more pictures of the groom, best man, his dad and then a few with
the bride’s dad, it was time to go back to the girls who were ready for the ceremony by that
point. After a few lovely shots of the bride with her parents, bridesmaids and
page boys we got ready downstairs in the beautifully done out ceremony room.

Danielle was showing a few nerves at this point, meanwhile downstairs
waiting; Martin was wiping his brow in anticipation!

The bridal party made their entrance followed by Danielle – the stunning bride to be.

A quick cheeky kiss between Danielle and Martin was exchanged before the
ceremony commenced. The ceremony itself was lovely and included a reading from
a member of the wedding party. Rings and vows exchanged – more kissing..
(seriously guys get a room…..hmmm on second thoughts we might let you off
seen as it was your wedding day and all that) then they made their way up the
aisle as Mr & Mrs Lucas.

Reception drinks were then served pronto along with a few canapes. The rain had
stopped temporarily so we whisked a few willing guests outside to get some
confetti pictures. Group shots then followed with the stunning backdrop of the

Then we spent some time with the bride and groom capturing some romantic looks
and we may have asked them to kiss a few times just because they clearly seemed
to be enjoying it so much!!

Guests were asked to take their seats for the newly weds to be announced in to
the reception room and the couple had decided on the kinder option of speeches
first. The speeches were touching and heartfelt and their was emphasis on what
a fun loving couple Danielle and Martin are, how perfect Danielle is (rightly
so – big no no to mention anything not-so-pure about the bride on the big day).
Martin got a few digs though from best man/ younger brother Mark and father of
the bride – all light hearted banter though!

They had also decided on the non traditional option of krispy kreme donuts in
the shape of a tower rather than a cake. Gluttons heaven! They also promised us
a couple as we may have got slightly excited over this in a pre-wedding meet
up! However the tower of donuts got many admiring glances from the guests
before and just after the speeches.

We left the wedding party to enjoy their food for a few hours until the
‘afternoon do’ then progression into ‘evening do’ started at the nearby
function suite ‘The Claret Jug’.

To keep the guests entertained there was a casino table (nice touch with the
‘Bank of Trotter’ £100 notes) black jack card games and stunning views over the
golf course.

The bride and groom retired to their honeymoon suite at the start of the
‘afternoon do’ for a while to recharge for the evening. There was a few
eyebrows raised about the time they were gone for but we believe you Mr and Mrs

We then sneaked a few more romantic pictures with them when they emerged all

They then re-joined their guests in ‘The Claret Jug’ where spirits were high.
We then stole the couple again for a few shots outside Oulton hall by night –
they’ll be worth it we promise.

It did not feel like long until the it was time for them to take to the dance
floor for their first dance as a married couple ‘I won’t let you go’ by the
talented James Morrison – fantastic choice we think.

The guests were quick to join in and dance the night away!

Thanks to all the guests for being such a great laugh and making us feel part of the crowd. Also thanks to the staff at Oulton Hall. This was our first wedding here and
they made us feel very welcome and well informed!

The couple are now enjoying their honeymoon in London – have a great time Martin
and Danielle. Congratulations once again and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Photos coming soon.

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