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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lee-Nelson

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lee-Nelson

Congratulations to Lea  and Richard who got married on Friday the 29th November at St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Outwood, Wakefield, at 1pm, followed by a fantastic reception at Oulton Hall in Rothwell, Leeds.Leeds Wedding Photography

We arrived early doors to capture a few shots of Lea, her bridesmaids Emma, Sally, Charlotte and Mum Diane having their make up and hair done at a local salon (Just Hair, ran by a family friend who’s a lady with lots of character!!! If you’re in the area of Outwood give them a call on 01924 823118). They were a very organised party. The rain started coming down while the ladies were in the salon so Lea and Sister & bridesmaid Sally decided to model dolly hats! Luckily the rain stopped before it was time to leave the salon.

Back at the Brides mum’s house after a few detail pictures it was time for mum Diane to go on the sandwich run. She arrived back with bacon and sausage butties and we were told to ‘tuck in builder style!’ Many thanks for the sausage sandwich by the way!!! Dresses were on not long after and we had time for a few group pictures in the lovely, well kept garden – Lea’s step dad not the happiest while we trampled on his grass!

Then it was time to meet Richard and his ‘entourage’ (Lea’s words… not ours) outside the church. We had a good laugh with the lads as Richard almost got dropped on the floor. Who’s idea was it to throw him in the air hmmmm….? Oops, maybe that’s our bad! Funny pics though… mainly of Richard slightly panic stricken. We must also point out that we noticed his shoes still had price tags attached to the bottom at this point…

The guests started to arrive in all their glory. Lots of lovely bright colours, despite the cold day and season. Ladies in large hats, fur coats and scarily high shoes… all very glam! We did notice one or two guests nearly going head over heals on the uneven path and you’re very lucky we didn’t capture it.

It was soon time for Lea to make her grand entrance looking stunning accompanied by her handsome proud Dad. As soon as Lea had made her way down the aisle, devoted glances were exchanged (although Richard’s wasn’t a glance, more a full on beaming grin. Just wait for the photo!) as well as a cheeky kiss.

Vows, rings and more loving glances were exchanged during the ceremony. There was no first kiss at the end this time as the vicar didn’t prompt one so we made sure they got one on the way out! Whilst the couple signed the register, a talented friend sang to entertain the awaiting guests. As Lea and Richard emerged as legal ‘man and wife’, some more of their friends one by one made their way towards them and surrounded them singing a mixture of love songs in a true ‘Love Actually’ moment. As the couple used to work on cruise ships as dancers they seemed to have an abundance of talented friends in attendance. I must admit we got a bit carried away. It was awesome!

Confetti pictures followed as they made their way to their stunning wedding car, a Silver Cloud Rolls Royce.

Everyone then made their way back to the prestigious Oulton Hall. After some ‘Gangnam Style’ group shots (we had to warm you lot up somehow!!) we then captured a few stunning shots of the happy couple. You were great sports Lea and Richard as it was an extremely cold day with an icey wind, although it was a clear sky so we all had that to be thankful for.

Family photos and more candid shots of guests enjoying the occasion followed and then the couple did a line up to welcome their guests to the wedding breakfast.

The couple had decided on the more traditional option of speeches after the wedding breakfast. Despite this, none of them showed any noticeable nerves. Lea’s Dad had a lot to say, and we were pleased to hear she has been brought up to be an avid Leeds United supporter. We all love Leeds! Marching on together…. Oh yes! He spoke proudly of Lea’s dancing achievements and even cracked a few jokes something about them being too tall or too small for P&O?? Must be an inside joke as it got a few laughs. Richard’s speech was mainly that of thanks to friends family and full of praise for his new bride. His older brother Dan was also his best man so he had a few stories to tell. After he had everyone roaring with laughter he also had them crying with his proud words to his little brother!

Whilst the room got set up for the evening, we had chance to try out a new shot for us – using sparklers! The results are amazing though, see our Facebook page (if you haven’t already) for the preview photo as an example.

As the day had run slightly behind schedule there was a slight change of plan at the evening do. The band were supposed to be on first and then the DJ but as the couple were keen to show off their dancing skills, the DJ played their song first ‘Count On Me’ by Bruno Mars. As professional dancers I think we are safe to say it was the most fantastic first dance we have yet witnessed. It was like strictly come dancing but better! The International Party Doctors then did what they do best and got the guests up for a great celebratory evening. A big thanks to all who attended. We thoroughly enjoyed photographing Mr & Mrs Lee- Nelsons wedding and all of their lovely guests. We wish you all the best for your future together.

Photos coming soon!

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