Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lamb

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lamb

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lamb

Congratulations to Vicky and Ian who were married on Friday the 6th of June. The couple were very lucky to have a lovely sunny day, the lead up to it was not pleasant to put it mildly!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lamb Staincliffe Church

Vicky chose to get ready at ‘The Village’ hotel in Tingley. When we arrived at 8am the hair and make up was already well underway with the lovely professionals Simona and Geraldine of Gel Bridal and Simona’s Beauty Parlour.

Vicky’s two bridesmaids (sister Natalie and friend Kelly) were enjoying the champagne and chatting away to Vicky who seemed very calm. Also in the room was Vicky’ s Mum and the groom to be’s Mum, who were first in line for the beauticians incidentally!

We took plenty of pictures of the preparations and also the lovely accessories for the bride and her bridesmaids. It wasn’t long before Vicky’s niece and Natalie’s daughter Ava (flower girl) arrived. We did do a photo shoot when Ava was very young and now that she’s walking and talking she has grown into an adorable little toddler.

Once the beauticians had worked their magic, it was time to get Vicky into her beautiful dress. Her bridesmaids laced up the back and the excitement was rising in anticipation of the big day.

For those that know The Village in Tingley – there are no grounds beside a car park. We cheekily found a spot by some offices across the car park which we used for some nice pictures of Vicky, her bridesmaids, flower girl and Dad. Whilst doing these we did notice a crowd gathering outside. Lots of people in the office had noticed what was going on and came for a closer inspection! There was quite an audience by the time we left. Any excuse for a break on a sunny Friday morning eh?! Joking aside, Vicky had some lovely best wishes from the staff at Hermes and we were happy not to be booted off the grounds!

From there we went straight to Staincliffe church in Dewsbury. The groom and his groomsmen were all ready for us – buttonholes were the main topic as we approached them. Once they were happy with their ‘flower power’ we ussured them round the side of the church and captured some true bromance!

It wasn’t long before the beautiful vintage car arrived with the eager bride and her Dad.

Ian was waiting patiently in the church. Vicky made her stunning entrance and all eyes were on the beautiful bride.

The ceremony flew by and the relaxed vicar was a true blessing as he permitted us to capture the most important part of the day from whatever angle we desired. Hopefully the happy couple will be pleased with the result. The vicar himself did the readings and delivered a beautiful service. The couple made it official by signing the register in the corner of the church.

They then lead the way out on to the church path as Mr & Mrs Lamb for the first time. We were able to coordinate the guests and get some lovely confetti pictures. We followed that by getting a few of the lovely car and the church steeple and clock (which appeared to have stopped…. Unfortunately!).

The guests were already enroute to the reception venue Oakwell Hall.

At the venue we got the bridal party organised – all looking perfectly coordinated in royal blue and yellow sunflowers.

Ian and his ushers had an unusual request – all pile on the statue of a ram!! We don’t even want to know what that’s all about lads but we hope you enjoy your wacky images of this assemble!

Next a beautiful sheepdog called April burst onto the scene. She seemed very excited and eager to greet the guests. Some of the ladies in light colours were not as pleased to see April as she was to see them. Hmmm….we wonder why??

We got all the wedding party together and did the group pictures (April was even invited into some) in the courtyard adjacent to the barn which was where the wedding breakfast was to be held.

Then the animal friendly couple had arranged for Vicky’s horse to arrive for a few pictures. It took him a while to get used to Vicky in her bridal gown (she had donned the oh so girly black horse riding wellies but Alpha it seemed was unsure of Vicky without her jodphurs on). Her friend had put a ring of  tiny sunflowers around his head and also in his tail! Vicky wanted to have some pictures sat on him but unfortunately Alpha was not having any of it. We did get some of the bride and groom with him with Oakwell Hall in the background.

We then continued to get more photos of just the happy couple. Vicky was up for the romance but Ian was rather jokey! We still think we  managed to get some lovely images as the sun was shining and the pretty gardens were in bloom, providing a stunning background.

It was then  time to return to the wedding party who were enjoying the adult sized bouncy castle and delicious hog roast. The afternoon was a relaxed affair – no speeches,  no table plan and no formal meal. It was a case of helping yourself to the hog roast, sit inside  the lovely  decorated  barn or outside in the sunshine overlooking the pretty field’s, get whatever you fancy from the bar and enjoy!

The younger guests and a fair amount of the older guests (Mr & Mrs Lamb included) put on a  splendid display of jumps, bounces, back-flips, belly bounces on that bouncy castle. It made for a few good pictures and a few laughs we dare say!

The fun continued into the night. The cake cutting took place and the couple encouraged the guests up to dance by leading to their first dance – ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ by Savage Garden. Vicky then had a first dance with her Dad (‘I loved her first’ by Heartland) during that Ian rallied everyone up on to the dance floor. Whilst all the guests seemed to be enjoying this we whisked Vicky and Ian away for some lovely sunset pictures and gave Ian another chance to show his romantic side (although when we asked them to kiss we did overhear him saying ‘you’ve had your rations for today’ to Vicky) charming – we hope you were joking Ian!!

After the sunset picture we had a yet another very random request….they wanted one last picture of them both mounted on the statue of the ram….

The couple are now honeymooning in Devon camper van style!

Vicky and Ian – We hope you enjoy your pictures of yourselves all the special people and animals (real and fake – ha ha) that you chose to spend your day with. It was a fun filled relaxed day that was lovely and very different for us to capture.

We wish you a lifetime if happiness! Pictures to follow shortly.

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