Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kremin

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kremin

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kremin

Mr & Mrs Kremin: A beautiful St Pauls Church and Southcrest Manor Wedding!

Congratulations to Alex and Katie who were married on Saturday the 23rd of August at St Paul’s Church in Hampstead, Birmingham. Their reception followed at the lovely Southcrest Manor Hotel in Redditch.St Johns Church

When we arrived at Katie’s parents house, we were greeted by Margaret and Frank (mum & dad), while Katie was over at the  local hairdressers. We captured the details first off, before the bedlam of a full house consumed by wedding excitement took over. The lovely dress was ready for us to capture, as was the veil,  perfume, jewellery and… knickers?! First time these have been left out for us to photograph! Ha ha.

Chief Bridesmaid Amy and the other lovely bridesmaids Lisa (who also made the amazing wedding cake), Sara, Isabel and Jo, arrived and put the finishing touches to their getting ready stage. Katie returned to have her make up applied by a professional. She was very calm although mum Margaret was looking after everyone in her welcoming motherly Greek way! Katie went upstairs to be helped into her dress and once ready made a grand entrance looking fabulous of course. The beautiful car had arrived and we had a few minutes to get a few pictures of the bride with her parents and bridesmaids before leaving to meet Alex at the church. Due to the bride arriving at the church shortly after us, we then captured her arrival and the ceremony pictures from the back if the church as permitted. The ceremony was full of uplifting hymns and a special reading from one of the guests. On hearing ‘can anyone here present think of any reason why Katie and Alex may not be joined in marriage speak now…’ Katie muttered ‘don’t even dare!’ Or something along them lines according to the vicar! Following the ceremony, we did get a few pictures in the lovely church garden of some special people such as Alex’s grandfather Alex (his grandmother Mary unfortunately couldn’t make it) and Katie’s grandmother Artemis. We even had a bit of time to get the more traditional parent photos, Alex’s mum Jill and dad John proud to be stood by their son and new daughter-in-law. Margaret and Frank collecting family members for the special photos before they all headed off to the reception.

As we were ahead of time, we  got a few pictures of Alex with his groomsmen (Best Man Sean, Ushers David, Peter, Steven and Matthew) larking about. They especially seemed to enjoy the jumping pictures! Maybe it was the competitive – who can jump the highest element? We had a laugh anyway… until the rain started coming down. The hotel was around half an hour away do we prayed that the rain would not follow us and made our way to Southcrest Manor. On arrival we took pictures of Katie and Alex with the car in front of the manor. Once again the heavens opened and outdoor group pictures looked unlikely to say the least! The guests helped themselves to the ice cream served by a couple with an ice cream tricycle in the reception area and of course the reception drinks. We captured some detail pictures of the room, cake cutting, Katie and Alex in the room and a few reportage pictures of the guests enjoying their special day. We were just working out where we could fit 80 or so guests in the hotel for a full group shot when suddenly the rain stopped! We quickly got everyone out and did the group shots with just 15 minutes to go until the meal. Luckily the hotel allowed us a little bit longer for some extra photos of family etc. It was soon time for Mr & Mrs Kremin to stand in line with the top table group and greet the guests.

The wedding breakfast followed in the lovely 1920’s- 40’s themed room and we left the wedding party to enjoy their meal.

The speeches were traditionally after the meal. Katie did a speech especially thanking all the special ladies in her life for helping her plan the day. Especially her mum for finding the reception venue! She was followed by her dad Frank who became tearful but was spurred on by a few cheers… the groom himself Alex who gave thanks to all those that had helped with the day along with gifts in special bags…although due to a misprint someone received a gift in a bag that was clearly mislabelled with something entirely inappropriate! This caused a few giggles. The maid of honour Amy gave a well polished speech that any best man would be proud of. She talked about meeting Katie at university over a ‘smelly tree trunk’ and other random Katie sayings such as ‘I know Alex is the one because he came home and put slippers on’. Last but not least the best man…. With tales of a stag do where he broke the only promise he made to Katie, bringing Alex home safe and well… When in fact an ambulance was waiting for Alex at the airport on their return! Luckily for him Katie had not held a grudge for this and everyone had a good laugh at poor Alex’s expense! We captured the reactions all through the speeches, particularly after the line ‘kicked like a mule’… We have no idea what it was about but one table loved it.  Following the speeches, we noticed the rain had cleared up completely so we took a few more pictures of some groups that Katie and Alex had requested. Their friends seemed well up for a laugh and seemed to enjoy throwing them up in the air! Katie had also requested a special ‘mafia’ picture with her brother Steven and cousin Tony, who were described as her ‘protectors’. Alex must have met their tough standards by all accounts!

The room was transformed for the night do. It wasn’t long before Alex and Katie were called to the dance floor for their first dance. This involved some practiced ballroom dancing to wow their guests! Then Katie had a dance with her Dad, then all her Greek aunts (and any other ladies that wanted to join in). Last of all was a traditional Greek ‘money dance’ where everyone was encouraged to pin cash gifts to the bride and groom. A first for us to photograph and we thought this was brilliant!!

Katie had requested some sparkler pictures, so once they had removed the money from their clothing, we grabbed some volunteers and recreating our ‘LOVE’ sparkler picture – midlands style!

Despite a bit of inconvenient rain the day was lovely and a pleasure to photograph. Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Kremin, their family and friends for making us feel so welcome.

The happy couple are now on honeymoon in Morocco.

Pictures to follow shortly.

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