Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kent

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kent

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kent

Congratulations to Keeley and Jay who were married on Saturday the 21st of June in Lepton in Huddersfield at the trendy ‘315 Bar and Restaurant’.315 Bar and Restaurant

Keeley had stayed the night before with her lovely bridesmaids Kym and Cassie. Good friend Hannah stayed the night as well ready to help out during the morning for the getting ready stages.

They had just had an ‘a la carte’ breakfast when we arrived – to soak up the spirits from the night before we suspect with a jumbo bar (as opposed to a mini bar) clearly on display on the window-sill! We’re not sure if one sausage, one rasher of bacon and one mushroom would have soaked up much though ladies… Keeley being a hairdresser herself was very particular about  how  she wanted hers and her bridesmaids hair. Luckily Hannah works with Keeley and didn’t mind the critique. We  snapped  away capturing the details and getting ready pictures.

Keeley congratulated herself on being ultra calm – which she  was of  course (apparently, no names mentioned Jay, she’s not always like that…). Every  little detail was on schedule… even down to ‘old lady in-soles’ for Keeley’s bridal shoes (her words not ours!) Bridesmaid Cassie had a  fight with a rogue false eyelash.  We are  pleased to report that she won the fight and stuck the stubborn little sucker down in the end! Kym was calm as a cucumber offering drinks to all on regular intervals. The perfect hostess! The beautician then arrived to professionally apply the bride’s make-up. Keeley seemed to be enjoy the pampering.

In the meantime, the groom – Jay, had arrived with best-man Danny, Keeley’s Dad Kevin, the bride’s best friend Arron, aka something else but we’ll let the photos tell you what…

We had a good time getting Jay and the lads to lark about in the grounds (ensuring we stayed out of sight of the bride of course)!! The socks and cufflinks were a nice touch labelled ‘groom’, ‘usher’, ‘best man’, ‘father of the bride’ and Arron was labelled that something else, (apparently to do with the hen do which he was permitted to go on).

We returned to Keeley who was now transformed… looking stunning in her gown and veil. We got a few pictures of Keeley on her own, some with her mum, then tearful bridesmaids and with her Dad – Kevin who was beaming with pride – might we add?!!

The clock struck 2pm and it was time for Keeley to make her entrance. She arrived fashionably late though (but not too late) which built up the anticipation. She walked in to the tune ‘ A Thousand Years’ Jay watched her- smiling all the way. The ceremony then began. Jay and Keeley exchanged their vows – written by themselves which were very touching. Rings were exchanged also and they were invited to kiss. Then they signed the register facing their guests. They then made their way up he aisle as Mr & Mrs Kent.

Outside the eager guests immediately threw confetti. Luckily there was a bit left over for us to take some pictures of the experience. Summer reception drink favourite – Pimms cocktails were waiting for the guests – these quickly went! We rounded everyone up for a few large group pictures, some smaller groups and some wacky friends shots. After a short break in the lovely sunshine, Mr and Mrs Kent had a quick mingle and finally the loved up newlyweds joined us for a few romantic photos on their own. We had spotted a beautiful corn field opposite which made for some great pictures. Keeley had sensibly changed her heels for pretty flat pumps but did reserve the right to blame us for insect bitten legs on her honeymoon. She didn’t mention getting bitten after that so we think we got let off on that one. Phew! Back over the road at the venue we got some pictures of the lovely fields surrounding the venue then the couple got ushered inside to check the reception room. We were able to see the room fully dressed and got a few pictures of this, including the cake cutting. Keeley and Jay were then taken outside whilst the guests filled the room. Once they were seated, Mr & Mrs Kent were announced in to a huge round of applause. Speeches followed… Proud Dad Kevin was first up. He was the first to admit that he is not known for his generosity and found it hard to ‘give Keeley away’ although he was full of praise and admiration for Jay. Next was Jay – the groom himself. He owned up to being far from from the shy reserved type and seemed at ease during his speech. He talked about how beautiful Keeley was, kind, intelligent (he added ‘on a good day’) and most of all incredibly stubborn – which got him a few laughs. He also did his duties expressing thanks and handing over some special presents. Next up was best man Danny. He had a few stories to make Keeley and Jay’s eyes wide with shock and amusement – (luckily more amusement than shock though). He had a few hecklers at the beginning but braved through it doing a job to be proud of in the end. Last up was Arron – the brides best friend. He had some funny stories about his long best friend relationship with Keeley some of which seemed slightly cringeworthy!! He then produced a large bottle of ‘Mad Dog 20/20’ of which a select few were given a glass for the last toast of the speeches to Mr & Mrs Kent.

We then left the wedding party to enjoy their three course wedding breakfast for a couple of hours.

The night do then commenced with a live acoustic singer to start the evening off. We took Keeley and Jay off for a few more pictures on their own as the sun was setting along with some amused younger guests who giggled every time They kissed! The DJ then started to take over with music to entice a party. Bodies were swaying to the music (or maybe from the amount of alcohol)?? The celebration was in full swing by this point with extra evening guests joining them.

It was soon time for the first dance which was ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. The Bride and Groom showed their guests how it was done! The party continued in full swing following this and everyone seemed to be having a great time when we said our goodbyes.

The couple are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Mexico.

Pictures to follow soon.

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