Congratulations Mr & Mrs Healy

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Healy

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Healy

Congratulations to Vikki and Adam who were married on Friday the 11th of July in Ripley, North Yorkshire. Ripley Castle Wedding Photography

Vikki asked us to start the photo’s off with Adam at their home in Harrogate. He had his groomsmen around him, including best man Paul, ushers (Vikki’s son) Rory and another Paul, Adam’s Dad, Colin and the fleeting visit from Adam’s sister Adele who came in to pick up the flowergirl dresses. It seemed to be a hive of activity. Especially getting their son 3 year old Jenson ready! Once the men were dressed and looked dapper, we had time for a few photo’s at a nearby fforde.

Onwards we went to Hazel Manor near to Ripley where Vikki was almost ready. She had her hair and make up done and her bridesmaids were receiving the finishing touches from the beautician and hairdresser friend Tisha. Vikki joked that her twin daughter bridesmaids – Megan and Chloe were trying their best to out do her! It was soon time for Vikki to get into her dress which looked like a military operation involving some kind of tool! Tisha showed she multiple talents by dealing with the intricate lace up back.

By this point, the bridesmaids had been sent down to travel to Ripley with their Grandad (Vikki’s Dad- Norman) who was driving a classic vintage Austin that he owns.

Vikki had already decided she would be 10 minutes late at least so we sped off to the church – Ripley and Burnt Yates C of E that is beside Ripley Castle.

Adam was there waiting with the boys, greeting the guests in the baking hot sun. The day was looking like a scorcher! We got a few pictures outside and then the vicar was keen to usher them in to prepare for the brides arrival.

Vikki arrived fashionably late (and rightly so) but half an hour??? Haha. Her flower girls – Caitlin and Lauren entered first, then Vikki with her Dad and finally her bridesmaids. There was a bit of confusion halfway down the aisle when the organist appeared to take an extra long pause! Vikki didn’t seem to know what to do, stood frozen and then broke the silence with a fit of giggles before the organist broke out into tune once again!

The ceremony was lovely, hymns  were sung, Adele gave a reading and the vicar talked about what marriage meant.

The vows and rings were exchanged – although they both seemed to find the vows amusing, especially the part about sharing. Private joke maybe?!

The register was signed to make the marriage official. They had a lovely piano player who sang to the wedding party whilst they waited for the bride and groom to come back.

They then made their way out of the church towards the back for a few pictures on their own and the rest of the wedding party congregated outside the gates. When Mr and Mrs Healy appeared they were greeted by a lot of confetti at the gates. They then posed for a few pictures outside the church by the wedding car before Norman whisked them off for the two second drive through the gates to Ripley Castle. The image of the vintage car coming through the gates was great though! The guests were greeted with Sangria as a lovely refreshing reception drink. We left Vikki and Adam to mingle with their guests before then organising a few group shots which we did aerial style – then a few smaller groups including friends, family and the bridal party. Vikki and Adam were keen to have some romantic pictures in the amazing grounds of the castle. Vikki had even bought some dashing bright pink wedge wellies for the occasion! Although she had forgotten socks. Luckily she had a very helpful wedding coordinator on hand that swiped a pair from the gift shop!

We walked down to the bridge for a few pretty pictures and along to the jetty for some of our signature shots. The bride and groom kissed away like… well newlyweds we guess! Adam was up for doing a few ‘veil blowing in the wind’ shots. He held up Vikki’s veil then ran away. She seemed to think this was hilarious! The photos look great though. Good team effort. The one with Adam diving to the floor out of view is priceless!

Back at the castle the room was all set and the guests were seated before we knew it on named tables for Vikki, Adam and each of the children – well child Jenson and should we say teens for Megan, Chloe and Rory who are Vikki’s other  three offspring.

They decided to have the meal first which they kindly invited us to which was delicious! The room was buzzing with conversation and drinks flowing (thanks to the drinks voucher favours).

After coffees they commenced the speeches with Norman up first. He thanked everyone for coming and talked about what a lovely day he was having. He also welcomed Adam in to the family on behalf of himself and Vikki’s proud mum Jill. Next Megan, Chloe and Rory did a brief speech of thanks. Adam then gave his speech rightly stating that he’d learnt a valuable lesson up to the wedding. Vikki’s always right! He also gave out lots of presents for all their friends and family involved in the day from place cards, the hen do, to the cake to the car. He mentioned the lovely cake previously made for Jenson’s christening, although he confused the ritual of christening for funeral!! Their were a few shocked faces then a roar of laughter as everyone realised his mistake filled the room! It was funnier than it sounds. Trust us… Then it was time for Adam to hand over to best man Paul. Paul admitted he hadn’t prepared well but he got a few laughs. One about marriage been like a warm bath – going cold soon after you jump in! He also blamed his worst jokes on his wife and friend Kev who was chuckling in the corner. He wished the couple well and sat down when he ran out of pieces of paper to quote from. His wife then ran up to remind him to toast Mr and Mrs Healy. Once reminded, he did a great job though we must say! The sun was still shining so the guests made their way in to the courtyard whilst the room was transformed for the night do. They sat on the lawn in groups taking in the sunshine and cocktails. Norman brought the lovely car in for a few extra shots of the happy couple in the grounds with the car in the background. Little Jenson had had enough with the photos by then, running a mile when the mention of a photograph was presented. Although we did get some pictures of Adam with his Mum the lovely Sandra, Proud Dad Colin and Sister Adele. The guests mingled and then the night do commenced. The band started the party going. Vikki and Adam did their cake cutting and then lead on to their first dance which the band sung live ‘All of me’ the recent hit for John Legend. They had quite an audience! They stayed to enjoy the band for a while having a good old boogie with the guests. We invited them off for a few sunset pictures to end the day and as it had been a clear day there were only a few pretty clouds to be seen. The party continued inside and outside. Everyone in attendance seemed to have a blast!

Congratulations to you both and we wish you the very best for the future.

The couple are currently on their honeymoon in Morocco.

Pictures to follow shortly.

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