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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cockshott

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cockshott

Congratulations to Sarah and Danny who were married on the 22nd of March in Burley in Whafedale Parish Church and had their reception at ‘The Crown Hotel’ in Harrogate.Leeds Wedding Photography

We arrived early at Julie and Richard’s (Sarah’s Mum and Dad’s) home in Otley  to capture those all important detail pictures and of course the preparations. As Sarah had four adult bridesmaids (obviously a popular friend) there seemed to be a lot of giggling and chatting going on. Sarah in rollers and pyjamas seemed unfazed by us snapping away and the whole house seemed calm and relaxed. After a few glasses if bucks fizz the ladies started talking toilet faces…. First time we’ve come across that conversation (with the ladies anyway)! Everyone did as they were told by Sarah (even Mum and Dad) and were all ready before we had to leave. We managed to get a few pictures of the lovely bride and her comedic bridesmaids – the lovely Kirsty, Catherine, Zoe and Hannah – on the front lawn. Some with the proud parents Julie and Richard too before heading off to the church.

On arrival at the church we met their vicar who was extremely accommodating. To us and of course everyone who gets married, the ceremony is the most important and emotional part of the day so it is great when we are given the freedom to capture it. Danny arrived with his ushers and best man not long after. The smart scrubbed-up-well buddies struck some catalogue poses for us in front of the church. It was raining a fair bit so bravo lads for not grumbling! Danny and best man (Andy) are clearly used to a bit of rain probably because of their hobby- trials biking. Sarah then arrived in the classy Beauford with her Dad Richard. She made her grand entrance, following her bridesmaids (who each held hands with the flower girl – Lauren and the page boys- Adam, Oliver and Freddie). The ceremony was full of lovely readings, one from a page boy, another from a wedding guest and the vicar himself. The vicar had a point to make about the spice girls hit ‘Two Become One’ and gave them two rubber ducks as a present! Certainly made for an interesting service. When the rings, vows and kisses were exchanged the deal was sealed. The couple looked truly happy and after nine years together they had finally made it official.

Luckily the rain had stopped as the guests left the church so we did manage to get some group pictures in the nice grounds at the back of the church. As the group left for the reception venue, we had a little time for some emotional photos of the newly-weds which we won’t go into here.

Moving on, confetti pictures followed with those that remained at the front of the church. There were more than a few volunteers for this one! Suddenly the heavens opened though and nobody needed asking twice to make their way to The Crown Hotel. We took a bit of a detour with the bride and groom though, stopping at The Black Swan in Burn Bridge for a few romantic pictures. Despite the on/off rain, we did manage to get some lovely shots of Mr and Mrs Cockshott. Look out for some arty rain shots under the umbrella.

On to The Crown, we then we saw the beautifully set up room that was to host the wedding breakfast. This is the first wedding we have photographed at this particular hotel and we have to say, we enjoyed it very much. The hotel is full of character and the staff were very courteous and polite towards the wedding guests and us. It was soon time for the guests to sit down for their wedding breakfast so we gave them a break from being photographed for a couple of hours.

On our return it was time for the speeches and with them being done after the meal (and no doubt drinks) everyone seemed tad merrier it’s safe to say! Richard gave his speech first which was very touching as he welcomed his new son in law to the family. The groom Danny was next up, giving plenty of thanks to those who had helped with their special day, especially Julie and his step mum Tracey. Danny’s Dad Hedley seemed very proud. Andy had some hilarious tales of what sounded like many nights out in Otley’s finest (and only) nightclub ‘Moonlighters’, before Danny met the lovely Sarah. He also congratulated those who had never ‘been out of Otley’ before which got a few chuckles! As well as describing the bridesmaids as ‘bang tidy’. You could only get away with that being a compliment to the ladies in Yorkshire eh?! We got some great shots of the reactions over the course of the speeches. As the wedding breakfast ran over slightly, evening guests started to arrive. The wedding party were then moved to a grand large ballroom where the cake cutting and first dance took place. Sarah and Danny chose a fairly recent song as their first dance track- Ellie Goulding – ‘How Long Will I Love You’. The guests chose to let the couple have the dance all to themselves so they had a good smooch and got their groove on. Romance a plenty! ‘

The Crown is a lovely venue but being in the centre of Harrogate does not have grounds beside a car park. We had spotted a picturesque cobbled street to the side of the venue though with old fashioned street lamps. We used this as a lovely scene for the end of the night ‘wow’ pictures.

We have put a very small selection on facebook and one of the guests did actually comment with ‘wow’ which was lovely feedback for us. Thanks also to those who have ‘liked’ our page and the taster photo’s.

The night do was then in full swing so the couple returned to continue the merry celebration. Sarah and Danny are now on their honeymoon in Mexico soaking up the sunshine! We wish you all the happiness in the world Mr and Mrs Cockshott!

Photo’s to follow shortly.

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