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Congratulations Gemma & Gordon Lazenby

Congratulations Gemma & Gordon Lazenby

Devonshire Fell WeddingCongratulations to Gemma and Gordon who were married in the lovely North Yorkshire area of Burnsall on Saturday the 28th of September.

We knew Gemma well before she booked us so the pressure was on for this one! We arrived at the Devonshire Fell Hotel shortly after 9am where Gemma and two of her lovely bridesmaids (Jodie and Jenny) were preparing themselves for the big day in the bridal suite. It wasn’t long before champagne was flowing whilst hairstyles were receiving professional attention. We were introduced to Gemma’s beautiful dress. Whilst we got some shots of the little details a mini catastrophe almost occurred – Gemma wanted to keep her dress hidden from her Dad until she was in it and he came in oblivious whilst the dress was in full view. A few screams and door slamming soon saw to it that he barely caught a glimpse!

It was beginning to get a bit manic in the bridal suite so we headed off to meet the dashing groom Gordon at the church St. Wilfrid’s. We managed to have a quick word with the lovely vicar Fiona (who was most accommodating) and captured some moments between Gordon and his best man (and also brother in law to be). By that time the ushers had arrived and we got them to gather round Gordon for some ‘lads’ pics. There were rather a lot of graves outside the church but one of these was useful as a leg up for an elevated pictures. Sorry and RIP the person under the grave we stood on… oops!

We then left the boys to greet the guests and headed back to Gemma.

The bridesmaids were undergoing a military operation – 1 bride vs 1 dress. Jenny won by a mile getting Gemma in the dress after an awful lot of tiny intricate buttoning! Sister and Bridesmaid Joanne was rather tearful at that point! Dad – Doug aka Daddy Stansfield (Gemma’s nickname for him) was then allowed to see his beautiful daughter as a bride. Emotions were running high! After a few pictures of Gemma with her bridesmaids and parents it was time for the bridesmaids to set off in the Beauford. Gemma and Daddy Stansfield (again Gemma’s words but it’s growing on us…) got in the horse drawn carriage which was complete with feather flumes, to transport them to the church. Just like a fairy tale… We were so pleased for the great September weather at that point… the open topped carriage looked amazing.

So we then went back to the church to capture Gemma’s arrival. Gordon was waiting patiently and seemed very relaxed. As Gemma glided down the aisle his first look was a real cheeky grin! An emotional service followed and ring bearer Nephew Jacob had a starring role. As registers were signed in a room round the back, a singer/ guitarist kept the guests entertained with songs such as ‘greatest day’.

Gemma and Gordon then walked back up the aisle as man and wife then waited outside to receive many hugs, kisses and congratulations!

The vicar had then asked us to make two lines up the path with the guests for confetti throwing. As little bridesmaid ( and niece) Rebecca had a basket full of individual confetti boxes we got many shots of this ritual for them to choose from!

Gordon then got to enjoy the horse drawn carriage with his new wife and we followed. The ‘closed’ bridge was a perfect background to some lovely first pictures of the happy couple.

On the return to the hotel, drinks were flowing and delicious canapés were being enjoyed. After a few minutes (we are cruel) we called everyone out for a few obligatory group pictures on the stunning lawn. We then stole the happy couple for some romantic pictures in the hotel grounds.

It was soon time for the new Mr and Mrs Lazenby to be called into the reception room for speeches. Doug – father of the bride’s speech was proud and emotional. It’s always nice when the father of the bride shows delight in his daughters choice of husband. Doug and Gordon, best of mates! Gemma being the life and soul wanted to do her own untraditional- but-modern-day-go-girl speech too. It was longer than all the others put together but much appreciated by those who she thanked – a few tears emerged around the room including Gemma herself! Gordon’s was also full of gratitude especially to both sets of parents. The best man’s was funny and supported by some embarrassing photos which raised a few eyebrows!

We left the guests then to enjoy their meal and wine.

We returned in the evening and managed a few extra photos of the bride and groom at the bottom of a quirky staircase and in front of the hotel. Whilst waiting for the band to set up and the first dance, the chocolate fountain was a big hit! The first dance then commenced and the dance floor was fully utilised until the end of the night. Always sign if a good do in our opinion!

The newlyweds are now enjoying their Honeymoon in New York and some time in Florida. Congratulations once again to you both. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Pictures coming soon

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